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The Team

The Leaders


Sarah Feldmann

Founder, Sales Master

A naturally social savvy individual and motivated by helping others, Sarah’s skills as an accomplished multimedia leader make her a key solution in driving effective digital communications. She is a people person to the core, igniting a spark in conversations about boosting your business and maximizing success. Sarah’s favorite thing about her dog, Dixie, is when Sarah comes home to freshly chewed books.
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Phone: (262) 404-9009, Ext. 700
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Lyssa Schmidt

Founder, Operations Master

Fueled by a passion for writing and an undeniable obsession with puns (intended), Lyssa’s skills as a marketing leader pack a powerful punch. She’s a master in all things organizational, leading the Clever Dog team in successful execution of countless client projects. Lyssa’s favorite thing about her dog, Mara, is spending time together learning new tricks and cuddling!
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Phone: (262) 404-9009, Ext. 701
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The Creative Pack

Nell Deutsch

Graphic Artist

There’s no box that can hold the creativity buzzing within the soul of this graphic designer. Having graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2011 with a Bachelor of Studio Art degree, Nell is skilled in many forms of art, specifically photography, painting and digital design. Nell takes the essence of whatever project she’s working on, adds a dash of ingeniousness and a dollop of cleverness to create something originally imaginative.  Seven years in the creative design field has given her a plethora of experience that she brings to the table of every project.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (262) 404-9009, Ext. 702

Christina Thomas

Social Media Manager

It is Christina’s belief that there is nothing more rewarding than developing a thriving community, whether that be on social media or in-person. Christina has a wide variety of creative & professional experience: Art Therapy, Wedding Event Coordination, Graphic Design; she’s published as a Poet and has done shows in Art Galleries. In everything, she knows that human connections are the basis to a worthwhile and memorable experience. Christina received a Master’s in Business Management and a Bachelor’s in Studio Art, both from the University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee, and she is sure to understand your needs, no matter which side of the brain you prefer.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (262) 404-9009, Ext. 703

The Mascots




Mara is one of the two four-legged furballs behind the Clever Dog name. Every business has a start, and ours is here. Mara graduated from intermediate obedience classes, excels at agility and has the nose, skills and passion for bird hunting.




Dixie is one of the two of pups who inspired Clever Dog Creative. Her loyalty and excitement for life sparks innovative solutions at Clever Dog Creative every day. Dixie holds a masters in eating any food that falls to the ground, excels at chewing bones and has the bounce, energy and passion for nonstop play.