Tips to Create an E-mail Newsletter that Works for Your Manufacturing Company

An e-mail marketing strategy holds potential to produce results for your manufacturing company. Without a clear definition of those results, however, you may struggle and stare at a blank screen while developing each campaign. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Consider this variety of things an e-mail marketing strategy can accomplish: 

  • Maintain relationships with an existing client base. 

  • Spread awareness about new products or services. 

  • Grow your reputation in the industry and increase word-of-mouth referrals. 

  • Attract new customers. 

Now, ask yourself: what types of messages do you need to share to accomplish this list of items? Brainstorm under each bullet point, and you’ll create a rounded content marketing strategy to fill out your e-mail campaign. 

Here are some other notes to consider as you brainstorm more ideas to create a solid, openable newsletter. 

Set a goal for every message you send. 

Think about our list of accomplishments from earlier, and consider a focused goal for each email message you send. When you try to do all four in a single email, it’ll end up scattered and produce less results. When you have one specific goal, you can cater the messages and calls-to-action in each email for that goal – the key is to mix up your goals in a rounded strategy. 

So, when you create a new campaign, ask yourself:  

  • What is the point of the message we are sending?  

  • What do we hope readers will take away?  

  • What action do we want them to take? 

This process can help you decide how to structure each campaign. 

Understand your customer persona.  

When something is more relevant to a reader’s personal life or interests, it can increase their interest level in your content. Think about your customers as humans rather than a transaction, and create a bigger picture about the conversations, issues, hobbies and so forth that are a part of those individuals’ lives. Sharing tips or ideas about these topics will resonate with your readers, and they might just feel compelled to peek at your promotional content then, too. 

Think seasonally. 

Different topics will be on readers minds at different times of the year, and capitalizing on the pre-existing interest is useful. This doesn’t mean simply send a Merry Christmas or happy other holiday message, but rather think about the seasonal trends within the industry your messages are targeting that you can speak to along with those well wishes. 

Create your content calendar in advance. 

Planning your e-mail marketing content is not something that can be done last minute. Creating quality content that people wants to read is something that takes time, requires planning and thought. Set aside time specifically for brainstorming ideas only, and then create the content throughout the month as your schedule allows. 


When you follow these basic best practices, you’ll start to find it becoming easier to generate ideas for your newsletters. Make sure to also always monitor analytics for each newsletter and click throughs to content to get a better understanding of which content works best as you move forward. 

Need to focus your time elsewhere? Contact us to schedule a free consult about our e-mail management services so we can take this off your plate while still creating results. 



Kaylie Smith