Relying on Word-Of-Mouth? You Could be Making a Mistake


“We rely on word-of-mouth, customer referrals.”  

Does this sound familiar? Many manufacturers expect business will keep coming in as it always has because? That’s just the way things are … 

But, did you ever stop to think how much more business could come if you created a proactive approach to creating customer relationships? 

That’s the purpose of marketing. 

Many manufacturers typically have little to zero online presence, yet engineers tend to use Google to research fabricators, rather than rely on word of mouth. Have you considered the impact of a Google review? It can hold the same value as a customer referral, yet it reaches more people. 

Here’s 4 more reasons to leverage an online presence to build your manufacturing business:

  1. B2B customers do their research online. Reports show 94% of B2B customers research online before they ever purchase. (Online Marketing Institute

  1. It works. 82% of the manufacturing companies using digital marketing reported success within the last year. (Online Marketing Institute

  1. It creates less work for you. 74% of B2B customers will conduct half their research online before reaching out (Forrester), answering a lot of repetitive questions otherwise addressed during the sales process up front. 

  1. Customers want to work with you. Nine out of 10 B2B customers research between 2 and 7 websites before making a purchase decision. (Digital Commerce 360) Leveraging your online strategy to help you stand out makes it easier for customers to decide to call you. 

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