Instant Marketing with Instagram

(#)Hashtags, trending, streams and follows. We’re going to explain Instagram and all these accompanying social terms and strategies from top to bottom on April 11 at Ottawa University in Brookfield.In this course we’ll walk you through Instagram from start to finish including:

  • Setting up your Instagram account.
  • Choosing the right handle.
  • Overview of Instagram terms such as “Favoriting/Liking,” “Hashtags,” and “Sharing.”
  • How to drive traffic to your Instagram page, as well as use Instagram to drive traffic to your other social media channels and website.
We want this course to be as engaging as possible, so if there’s something you’re wondering about, just send us your question and we’ll make sure we cover it! Just ship that off to, or add in the comments below.Registration is $35 per person, $20 for the second person within the same company. Visit our friends at SCORE to register and see a full list of all the other internet marketing and social media courses!