Making Your Page Visible: The Facebook Algorithm

Ever post something amazing to Facebook and NO ONE sees it? You may have 500 followers, but only two people "Liked" it. That's because Facebook pushes people to "Pay to play" using algorithms.

But first of all, What is the algorithm?

What the Facebook algorithm does is prioritize the content that is posted by pages and people, and organizes it in a way that best suits the user. There are thousands of posts at any given time that could be shown to the user, so Facebook developed these algorithms to order the posts. Facebook uses over a THOUSAND different factors when determining the ranking of the post, but there are a few key factors worth focusing on: Relevance, Content Type, and Engagement.


Facebook loves relevant posts, and will push these types of posts higher up the newsfeed. You can make your posts relevant by talking about things that are popular, or trending at the time you are posting. For example, Facebook keeps a handy little box on the right hand side of the news feed for trending posts, which you can keep an eye on, and post about one of them when it is relevant to your company.

Content Type:

Photos, Videos, Text and Link posts are the most popular types of posts to be sharing on Facebook, and these all boost your ranking in the algorithm. (Wondering what size images you need for each platform? Find them here!) The best type of post for you to be doing with the current algorithm is a link post. Instead of posting an image and then using a shortened URL link, actually copy the link into the post box and let Facebook generate the content.Uploading Facebook LinksThese link posts are what you see most commonly on Facebook and they are the most effective. The algorithm works best in your favor if you are getting a lot of likes and comments on your post. While it is important to use link posts, don’t make these the only posts. The algorithm likes to see pages using a variety of posts, so include photos and videos too! One thing that does really well in boosting your post is to tag other Facebook pages in the post.

What Facebook DOESN'T like:

If you are using link posts and making them timely and relevant, but still not getting success, it could be because you are doing things that Facebook doesn’t like! When you re-use images and content you are decreasing your ranking, so keep using original images and content for a better ranking. Facebook HATES when you use the words, “Like, Comment and Share” because it doesn’t represent a quality post, so Facebook is less likely to show it. Finally the algorithm shows less posts that are overly promotional, pushing people to participate, or to purchase a product.