Email Marketing: Q&A

We had a super engaging Master Your Marketing workshop this morning focusing on email marketing. There were so many great questions, we wanted to share both the answers and additional resources right away with you.

The key with nearly every single one of these questions is to consider the following:

Who is your target market and what does their life look like?

Q: What is the ideal character count for an email subject line?
A. This  will depend if your users generally zoom in on their email screens, but Marketing Sherpa suggests nine to 14 words, which equals 40 to 50 characters. (Want to test that zoom feature? Open your email and click CTRL+ or CTRL- on a PC, or Command+ or Command- on a Mac. Notice if you click one or the other a few times, the number of words you'll see in your email subject lines will lengthen or shorten.)
Q: Has killed email marketing?
A. Not quite. It's been said for a long time that "Content is king" and that still rings true, as Adestra explains in this post. As we mentioned above, the first question you should always ask is, "Who is my target market?" Then, make sure you're catering your content to fit their needs. If your content is interesting and engaging enough, you won't get forgotten in the folder.
Q: How do I build an email marketing strategy?
A. Think proactively and plan in advance! Using an Editorial Calendar can help you plot out important items to work towards well in advance such as anniversaries, major holidays and other items you can spring-board off of for traffic. Just click to download your free copy of exactly what we use for ourselves and our clients here!Have you got some other roadblocks you've run into while working on your marketing? Or maybe a quick question? You can always reach out to us directly and we'll be happy to lend a hand. Just email us: