③ Ways to Drive Website Traffic

Beautiful, integrative and creative website design is paramount when digitally marketing your business. But how do you know if the time and money you invested into building that better website is paying off?A Return On Investment measurement is what you're looking for and one of the best ways to find this information is website traffic metrics. If you've installed something like Google Analytics on your site, you'll be able to see a plethora of information about not only your website, but who's visiting. Two of the larger-picture statistics to consider are:

Page Views

How many times a page has been viewed, regardless if it's been viewed by the same person multiple times. (Example: I visit your new website 5 times, I count 5 times.)

Unique Viewers

How many times individual people have visited your website, and multiple views are NOT included in this total. (Example: I visit your new website 5 times, but I only count 1 time because I'm 1 person). 

But let's say you've looked into Google Analytics and you've got some traffic, but not what you'd like. The next step is ensuring people SEE that fancy new site - it's time to drive traffic! Here's some of our quickest tips for ensuring you're driving traffic:


Blogging is so important for any business for a variety of reasons. Topics can include details about your products, answers to common questions potential customers have and information about your industry that paints your company as the expert, go-to brand. Wordpress has a very easy-to-use dashboard that is simple to navigate, and we train all our customers on using the platform for blogging - included as part of our website design process!

SEO Optimization

If you're using a platform to build your site like Wordpress, plugins like Yoast SEO make it simple to easily setup effective keyword terms for your website. We use these plugins while building your website, and can train you on using the tool for maintaining your blog.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are an effective tool for growing awareness about your business, but it can really go way beyond that when you start targeting individuals who are also visiting certain pages on your website. Facebook is able to retarget these visitors by using a Pixel code placed on all pages of your site. Sure, you can dig deep into the code and add this all over — or, you can simply install a plugin such as PixelYourSite and add the code in a very easy to navigate dashboard.Ready to take your website to the next step and proactively, professionally drive traffic? Just click the "Chat LIVE" button the lower right-hand corner and let's talk about how we can maximize your website!