Create An Organized Office Space to Boost Your Productivity

With the new year, how about a fresh start for your work space?Monday, January 11 is National Clean of Your Desk Day, created to encourage individuals to kick off their new year by removing clutter and getting organized — making a positive impact on your efficiency an state of mind.So, where to start on creating an organized office space?Purge untouched items.If there are files, documents or other items that you haven’t used in the past year or even the past 6 months — it’s time to get rid of them. If it’s something important but it’s wasting space, perhaps you’d be better off simply creating a digital file. But, if you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of a time you’ll need to reference it — then get rid of it.Create a system, and label it.Everything needs a specific home if you want to be able to maintain your clean office and your sanity. If you struggle to remember where you’re putting things — get a labeler and make your organizational categories clear.Same goes for your filing cabinet.Make sure your labels are clear and you’re using them consistently. If you have a new file in hand, and you’re confused where it should go when you open your cabinet — your system probably isn’t set up right for your needs. Consider strategies such as subfolders, folders for active projects or folders for months so you can sort via deadlines.Make your bed.OK, I don’t really think you have a bed in your office (do you?), but the point of this idea is to remind you to tidy up at the end of every day. If you always leave your office a little extra disheveled from the day before, then eventually it turns into the chaos you might find yourself sitting among right now.