3 Tips on Creating an Effective Tagline for Your Brand

BrandingWorkshop_AdWhen it comes to marketing, many businesses have a logo and are able to explain at least in a few paragraphs the service or product offered. But, after giving your long-winded spiel — is anyone going to remember what the heck you were talking about?That's where a tagline comes in handy! An effective tagline is used in marketing is to easily communicate your brand's most important advantage or differentiator in a way that people will also recognize the company. At Clever Dog Creative, our tagline always gets us a giggle. Drum roll, please ...

The marketing firm that trains your customers to Come. Sit. Stay.

 That's it — nice and simple, catchy, memorable. But you also know what we're about in those few words.So, how do you make an effective tagline for your business? Here's out top 3 tips on developing an effective tagline. 
  1. Less is more.

    Think simple when creating your tagline. It shouldn't be overly long, and it should be complicated to say — avoid tongue twisters, for example. Don't fill your tagline with too many adjectives just because you think it'll add that extra punch. It won't — it will only confuse your customers, and be harder to remember.
  2. But be specific.

    Some big brands have succeeded with a relatively generic tagline. Think, I'm Lovin' it. Yeah — you know who that is, but what does that really say about their brand? Unless your company has the corporate backing of a business like McDonald's, you need people to take something away from your tagline. Our tagline tells you our purpose: we're a marketing firm. We help you find and keep customers. Easy as pie (sometimes.)
  3. Get emotional (even if it makes you cry.) 

    Your tagline will be more memorable if it plays to emotions. Every company has a story, and considering your story can help you find the human element that will fit perfectly when creating an effective tagline.

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