3 Skills to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is an excellent tool to use in growing your business, the key is putting in the time and effort to do it in a way that will pay off. But how do you know if the firm you're hiring will deliver the largest ROI?Many business owners and marketing departments are too busy focusing on the day-to-day of their operations and specific roles to pay enough attention to what is happening on your social media platforms — therefore having no real understanding of what's effective.Hiring a social media manager or team of social media experts through an agency will help your business leverage the possibilities for your business on these platforms.How do you know if an agency has what it takes to be a successful social media manager for your business? Here's 3 great skills to consider when hiring a social media agency. 

3 Skills to Consider When Hiring a Social Media Manager

Creativity: Social media is about connecting with your audience and having a conversation. Getting your audience to be involved with your brand can require a little thinking outside the box — and with so many other businesses on social media shouting for attention, it's important to stand out. A creative agency will understand the ways to make your business look unique while also consistently creating that brand connection.Customer Service: It's an ugly truth that a lot of businesses don't like to discuss: customers head to social media to complain about things when they feel they've had a less than awesome experience with your brand. Hiring an individual or agency who is well-versed in dealing with negativity in a positive, constructive way will help you stand out as a responsive brand that actually cares.Strategic: You're hiring a social media manager because you're hoping to make a difference in your business by using social media. If there is no plan or strategy behind the posts, your followers will struggle to connect with your brand identity. A successfully strategic agency will also regularly review what's most effective for your platforms to continually increase your success.

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