Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.


Clever Dog is here to help you train your customers to Come. Sit. Stay.

We want to empower our clients not to need us because they don’t get marketing, but because they don’t have the bandwidth for all the business coming their way! Here’s some information we’ve put together to help you rock the socks off your digital marketing.

Making Your Page Visible: The Facebook Algorithm

Ever post something amazing to Facebook and NO ONE sees it? You may have 500 followers, but only two people "Liked" it. That's because Facebook pushes people to "Pay to play" using algorithms. But first [...]

2017 Holidays & Hashtags to Remember

2017 Holidays & Hashtags to Remember Don't miss predictable, trending traffic Clever Dog News   •   February 6, 2017 Holidays and hashtags can be tough to keep track [...]

2017 Social Media Image Sizes

2017 Social Media Image Sizes  Properly size your social posts! Clever Dog News   •   January 1, 2017 Social media image sizes vary. Each channel has its own [...]

New Website Checklist

Thinking of building a new website? The internet, in many ways, is still the wild, wild west. If you ask three different companies to build you the same website, they'll probably offer three completely [...]

③ Ways to Drive Website Traffic

Beautiful, integrative and creative website design is paramount when digitally marketing your business. But how do you know if the time and money you invested into building that better website is paying off? A Return [...]

Great Website Design for a Lasting Impression

While there are some standard mistakes to avoid when it comes to website design — your business is unique and your website should vary in look and feel from other companies - even in your [...]

Website Traffic that Matters for Your Business

If you build it, they will come. This is definitely true to a point about website traffic — if you’re online, someone is bound to find your website. Certainly, your customer’s odds of finding you [...]

3 Tips to Improve SEO for Free

Considering these quick, free ways to improve SEO is important to your business! If there were a customer eager and willing to buy your product or service, would you hide from them or pop out [...]

Email Marketing: Q&A

We had a super engaging Master Your Marketing workshop this morning focusing on email marketing. There were so many great questions, we wanted to share both the answers and additional resources right away with you. [...]

8 Great Tips to Build an E-mail List

While conversations about smartphone users hovering on Facebook newsfeeds are commonplace, as a business you’re missing out on an opportunity if you’re not also talking about a strategy for targeting your audience with e-mail campaigns. [...]

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